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By: Onlinelootindia | March 07, 2017

More excited to see Hyperloop One in India soon?
here is a chance to vote for your favourite route which benefit you more!

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By: Onlinelootindia | March 05, 2017

Waiting for a source to guide you in developing or marketing something?

This is the best place for you then, Udemy is offering many courses for free for a limited sale.

Udemy sale

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By: Onlinelootindia | May 31, 2016

Well this 21st century is world of new technologies,here is an example of experiencing new technology,have you ever seen a robo serving humans?

here Zenbo -a robot by asus ,will be available soon in market for common people for just 599$

ASUS is gradually improving its technology with affordable prices with unique customer service centers.

Here is its first impression,you will definitely like it because its cost is even less than an Iphone

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By: Onlinelootindia | May 30, 2016

Just like irritating email spams, SMS spams range from social engineering swindles to unsought advertising. I’m pretty sure that just like me, you too are fed up with these spam rings. Most spam messages prompt users to forward them, contain links and other frustrating hoaxes. Along with the rise of SMS spams, there came many apps on the Android Play Store and Apple Store to filter these spams.


The latest versions of Android and iPhones will let you filter the unwanted numbers easily. Follow these steps to easily block spam messages in Android and iOS:

How To Block Spam Messages in Android?

There are lots of third-party apps available on Android Play Store to block spams, but you can block these irritating numbers using Google’s Hangouts a...

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By: Onlinelootindia | April 04, 2016


is enough smart to make you its addict and that strategy made google as top search engine and others are still trying to compete with google 

everything is okay but whats wrong with google???

how duckduckgo gave a solution???


Google make a big revenue with your browsing history ,based on your history,it will suggest adds on websites and many such things 

they will have a great revenue 

so what bothers me??

even you are browsing in incognito tab/window,google tracks you 


how to get rid of this ?

  1. click here to go to
  2. have a trial 
  3. and you will never come back to google 

thats it explore customization of duckduckgo and its usage 


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By: Onlinelootindia | March 30, 2016

Do you know that you can use two accounts at a time through a any app without clearing data or without installing them again

Especially  whatsapp ,there are many situations where you will get need of using 2nd whatsapp account 

for example you have only 1 phone but your sibling too want to use whatsapp then it will be problematic..

yes you can use 2 accounts! But how?

its an app  called PARALLEL SPACE 

the main feature of app is it will use the memory in its parallel algorithm so that you need not install any app once again



  1. click here to download parallel space
  2. after installation,click on "+" symbol 
  3. add the app you want to use 
  4. now your app will get loaded to this app and you can start using it like a fresh app
  5. login with 2nd accoun...

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By: Onlinelootindia | March 17, 2016

Hey folks,

we face many issues with our data connectivity especially while travelling we will face problem with battery draining with mobile data and also slow connection ,inorder to solve this problem Google brought a solution for Chrome users of android where you will get faster browsing even at poor connectivity and save your data upto 70% 

How to Turn on Data Saver on your Chrome for Android?

  1. Touch the Chrome menu and then find Settings.
  2. Under the “Advanced” tab, touch Data Saver.
  3. Slide the switch ON to turn on Data Saver on your Chrome for Android. You can switch this off at any time.


This feature is rolled out for Chrome users of india and indonesia with Android OS,while it is not yet rolled out for ios/windows

drop your comment if you face ...

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